Creative design workshops

We create space for your fantasy. Get inspired by the works of Karel Zeman! Creative design workshops are open spaces for your imagination. Be inspired by the works of Karel Zeman in art workshops themed on his films. An expert trainer will guide you through the process of production and provide all the necessary materials. Everything you produce during the workshop, you can also take away. We use a variety of techniques and technologies so that workshop participants always get the best results.

Creative workshops are always part of our additional events. If you contact us, we will be happy to arrange a special date for you.

The Stolen Airship

Karel Zeman’s films often feature unorthodox means of transport. One of them is an airship. Come to our museum and make an airship according to your unique design in a small atelier dedicated to children as well as to adults inspired by the film The Stolen Airship.

Price: 90 CZK per person

Lamp from Film Strips

Lovers of lighting effects will enjoy creating an original lamp from strips of film. The lamps provide beautiful lighting and also create characteristic shadows cast through the film strips that will accompany children on their journey to the Land of Nod. With the guidance of our experienced tutors, anyone can create a lamp.

Price: 90 CZK per person (for the public), 75 CZK per person (for school groups)

Lino-Cut Art Workshops

Do you want to create an original postcard or decorate a cloth bag? We have prepared lino-cut stamps with characters from Karel Zeman’s films, for example, Mr. Prokouk, the fabulous Baron Munchausen, the mammoth from the Journey to the Beginning of Time and the submarine Sword. Postcards and clothes for you are available at the museum, but you can bring your own. The workshop is for all ages.

The price of printing three designs: 30 CZK per person