The Karel Zeman Museum presents the life’s work of the world renowned film maker Karel Zeman and his cinematic special effects, which made Czech cinematography world famous in the 20th century. The museum maps the life and work of Karel Zeman from its beginnings – from his first animations and puppet films in the 1940’s to work from his last creative period. A substantial part of the museum is dedicated to his most significant films – Journey to the Beginning of Time, The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and The Fabulous Baron Munchausen. The museum’s playful approach to the exhibition is unique. It allows visitors to participate directly – to try out with their own photo and video cameras selected special-effect techniques that Zeman used in his films.

The individual rooms of the museum are conceived as movie studios, and there are small stages with backdrops which visitors can step into and shoot their scenes. They can take a ride on a flying machine, or walk around the moon like Baron Munchausen, or take the controls of the famous submarine from The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. Also, part of the exhibition features previously unpublished photographs, original puppets, and other documentary materials from the life and work of this visionary filmmaker. The museum is an interactive and playful place focused on families with children from the Czech Republic and abroad. In the long term, the museum will become an institute preserving and promoting the legacy of the director and fine artist Karel Zeman, offering a wide range of activities for the general public and for specialists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Interactive tablet guide available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. 

Karel Zeman Museum has a full wheelchair access.

We recommend 1-2 hours for the visit. The museum is quite small but full of interactive features that you will have fun with.

Exposition games
We have prepared some exciting thematic motivation games for our exposition. Your children will enjoy the visit even more and they will learn many interesting facts about work of Karel Zeman. Free for visitors of our exposition.
Special Thanks

The Karel Zeman Museum was created thanks to the combined efforts of C&COM Advertising – owner of the Aura-Pont copyright agency, Punk Film – an audiovisual production company – and the family of Karel Zeman. The exhibition was jointly conceived and designed by Jakub Fabel and Ondřej Beránek together with co-author Marcel Kral. We wish to express our particular gratitude to Ludmila Zemanová and Linda Zemanova-Spaleny for providing materials from their personal archives, for granting the use of copyright materials and for their involvement in all aspects of the creation of the museum.