For schools

With a whole class on a journey into the fantasy world of Karel Zeman!

Museums can be fun! We invite you to visit our unique interactive exhibition that will guide you through the world of special effects of the world-renowned film genius Karel Zeman. Individual parts of the museum are designed as film sets and small studios with film backdrops. You can enter them and learn about the essence of special effects and the unique character of Karel Zeman’s imagination. We positively encourage you to take pictures and make videos! You can climb on the flying machine, fly on the winged horses of the fabulous Baron Munchausen or control the famous submarine from Invention for Destruction.

You can tailor your visit to suit your time and finances. Choose from:

Visiting the Exhibition

The Karel Zeman Museum introduces a lifetime‘s work by the world-renowned filmmaker Karel Zeman and his film effects, which helped make 20th-century Czech cinematography world famous. The exhibition maps Zeman’s work from his first animations and puppet films in the 1940s to the works of his last creative period. A substantial part of the exhibition is devoted to his most important films – Journey to the Beginning of Time, Invention for Destruction, and The Fabulous Baron Munchausen.

Admission to the museum for school groups: 110 CZK per child. For every 10 children, one pedagogic escort is admitted free of charge. This price is for school groups of children and students under the age of 18.

Guided Tours

If you are interested in more detailed insight into the productions of Karel Zeman with an expert explanation, a guided tour in English can be pre-ordered for an additional fee of 800 CZK. The guides will bring you closer to Karel Zeman’s key creative moments and personal life and will help you better understand the magic this “Czech Méliès” used in his films.

Currently, we do not offer guided tours in other languages than Czech or English.

Duration is about 45 minutes. The capacity of one group for a guided tour is 15 children. Guided tours can start every 15-minutes.

Motivational games

Journey to the Beginning of Time

For smaller adventurers (4 to 7 years old), we have a Journey to the Beginning of Time. Together with the movie’s heroes, they can set out on a journey against the flow of time into the world of the dinosaurs. For their wandering, they will be rewarded with plaster trilobites which they can paint as their imagination takes them.
This game is free of charge.

The independent discovery game Invention for Destruction

The game is designed for pupils from 7 to 12 years of age. The game worksheet will guide participants through the film Invention of Destruction. Children will be challenged with questions to help them discover how Karel Zeman created his mixed-media films and how the special effects used to shape his world was created. After answering questions, the children can identify the frequency they need to tune into on the radio to get the code for the treasure.
This game is free of charge.

Creative Design Workshops

In the design workshops, Karel Zeman will be introduced to the children in a fun way. You can choose any age limit from a wide range! We offer the following workshops:

  • Make a lamp from strips of film
  • Print three postcards using linocut prints with motifs from Karel Zeman’s films
  • Create a “stolen airship”

Duration: 30-90 minutes depending on the type of workshop
Capacity: 15 – 20 people by type of workshop and age of children

The price for the workshop is from 30 to 90 CZK per child.

Animation and Special Effects Workshops

Classic Animation Workshop

In a two-hour-long animation workshop, our experienced guides will help the children produce an animated film. After postproduction, we will send the film to your e-mail address. Children become screenwriters, directors, and special effects artists!
The workshop is designed for children from the age of 7.

Price: 2 490 CZK per group of 7 children
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 14 children (one group has a maximum of 7 children)

Boat trips on Devil’s Canal and Vltava River

Enjoy the atmosphere of Karel Zeman films and combine a visit to the exhibition with a small trip along the Devil’s Canal/Čertovka and the surroundings of Charles Bridge! This voyage on an electric boat will allow you to discover the magical atmosphere of the historical heart of Prague from the water. Cruises are possible in any weather.

The price of museum and boat package: 300 CZK per child
Separate cruise price:: 225 CZK per child

Booking a School Program

Due to limited capacity, it is necessary to order the school groups in advance via email for a specific date and time. It is recommended to order at least 14 days in advance. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 (last entry at 18:00).

Ticket prices for school program

Karel Zeman Museum Entrance
  School groups from 10 students (price per person)  
110 CZK
Guided tours
  School groups up to 15 students.  
800 CZK
  School groups up to 30 students.  
1 600 CZK
Karel Zeman Museum & Boat trip combi ticket školy
  School groups from 10 students (price per person)  
300 CZK
Tickets Boat Trips – independently
  School groups from 10 students (price per person)  
225 CZK
Animation and special effects workshops
  Price per group up to 7 children  
2 490 CZK
Exposition games
  Exposition games
(Treasures can be bought at the museum shop or bring your own.)
for free

Pedagogical supervision for every 10 children free of charge.