Inspiration is Karel Zeman, and also Pink Floyd

Karel Zeman and Pink Floyd

Karel Zeman and Pink Floyd

Great music is an inseparable part of Karel Zeman‘s films. It complements and accentuates the drama of his storytelling, elevating his work to the pinnacle of audio-visual experience. Thus, imagination can reach the viewer both through the eyes and through the ears, providing the ultimate experience. Z

Zdeněk Liška became Zeman’s go-to composer over the course of their years-long collaboration, creating a union of two geniuses of their crafts that continues to bring joy to this day. Let’s recall the results of this fruitful collaboration: Baron Munchausen, King Lavra, Invention for Destruction, Inspiration…

It is Inspiration and its animation of glass objects that make it a work unparalleled anywhere in the world. A work that is discussed from every angle, reminding us of Zeman’s willingness to try the untried and to give life and a story to even the most obstinate material. Inspiration continues to inspire to this day.

Inspiration also served as inspiration for us in the audio-visual field. When the band Pink Floyd issued a call for an animated music video for the songs from their album Dark Side of the Moon, it was a clear opportunity to reconnect brilliant music with brilliant filmmaking. Naturally, we couldn’t let such a challenge pass, and with the permission of the Zeman family, we created a music video using animations from Karel Zeman’s film Inspiration. See how the tomes of London suit Inspiration.

Video by Ondřej Beránek, co-founder of the Karel Zeman Museum

With respect for creative work,
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