Seminars and lecturers

We are hosting a series of public seminars devoted to the creative works of Karel Zeman, to individual films, to special effects and animation technology. These seminars are aimed at Czech and non-Czech specialists, at students of film and at interested members of the public at large.

Ivo Marák, the director of technology development at UPP, lectures about the digital restoration of the visuals and sound-tracks of films and the methods used by restorers in their work. The actors featured in Karel Zeman’s films entertain us with their recollections of stories from the film set. Karel Zeman’s daughter, Ludmila Zemanová, who is an artist herself, tells us about her own work and how she worked with her father. The special effect artist Boris Masník uncovers the secrets of how special effects have been made in the Czech Republic as well as around the world.

Seminars and lectures are organized occasionally, mostly as part of the Karel Zeman Festival or other special events.

A lecture by the special effects artist Boris Masník can be arranged for groups on request. It is particularly suitable for high school and college students and also for a broader audience with serious interests in cinematography, film effects and animation. This lecture is also available in English.